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Our offshore numerical modelling team has over 10 years experience working on projects all throughout Africa.


EPCM offers numerical modelling services to meet the best practice requirements for a wide variety of coastal developments, providing input to both the engineering design of marine infrastructure and the associated impacts on the natural environment. Typical projects and types of work listed below:


  • Planning of metocean measurement campaigns and quality control of data
  • Assessment of local metocean conditions (e.g. waves, wind, water levels, currents) from measurements and/or calibrated numerical models
  • Wave penetration modelling for the optimisation of breakwater and basin layouts
  • The modelling of shoreline erosion/accretion in response to coastal structures
  • The modelling of siltation of marina/harbour navigation areas to assist in the development of capital and maintenance dredging plans
  • Water quality modelling to assess flushing and circulation of marinas/harbours
  • Dispersion modelling of outfalls e.g. brine, sewage or thermal plumes
  • Dredge plume modelling to assess the physical impacts of dredging activities
  • Oil spill modelling to quantify the risk of oiling of sensitive receptors from accidental spills
  • Coastal flooding risk assessments